Peugeot Outillage is a French human-scale company, based in Saint-Pierre-des-Corps, near Tours. Its entire payroll works hard every day to bring brand users high performance and smart products and services.
The aim is to allow users to unleash their creativity and optimally express their level of expertise.

This is where our products are designed and developed. Tours is also from where all Peugeot products are shipped, in France and abroad.
Finally, Tours is also the place of work of the Peugeot tools customer service department.
Peugeot Outillage develops premium-level service: for the product range based on the 18V EnergyHub battery, service warranty and Collect & Change which is processed without returning to the store, whether physically or online. For products sold by our company but not covered by the warranty, Peugeot Outillage keeps a stock of spare parts for each machine for 10 years. This allows customers to repair the products themselves.

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