Welcome to Peugeot Outillage, our company is commited to make an active contribution to preserving our planet by designing and producing innovative tools that respect the environment, guaranteeing sustainable solutions for all your needs.



Our commitments for the planet


Since 2019, PEUGEOT OUTILLAGE's teams and more generally those of the companies of the SIGMA group, have been working hard, day after day, to reduce the environmental footprint of our activity.

Because time is running out and our planet is not waiting, we focus on 4 essential and priority PILLARS, which cover all stages of the product's life, from production to end of life:



These 4 pillars are treated in form of ECO ACTIONS, specific to each of our products.

PEUGEOT OUTILLAGE will now and gradually indicate to you on its packaging and its website the ECO ACTIONS carried out product by product, thanks to this signage:


1 - Reduce the use of natural ressources


  • Limit the use of strapping around overpacks to what it strictly necessary
  • Remove polystyrene and shrink wrap from all our packaging
  • Eliminate plastic bags arount safety manuals and instruction manuals
  • Reduce the size of our packaging, to reduce the amount of cardboard

2 - Improve waste control


  • Transition from our plastic packaging and blisters to recyclable cardboard packaging
  • Promote the use of 100 % recycled & 100 % recyclable cardboard
  • Systematically replace the use of mineral inks with vegetable-based inks
  • Prohibit polystyrene cushioning gradually and replace it with recycled cardboard
  • Improve selective sorting in our offices and warehouse, through the use of suitable materials accompanied by clear sorting signage by encouraging short circuits



The volume of non-recovered waste fell from 16 tons in 2019 to 5 tons in 2022.

In 2023, the group sorted and enabled the recovery of:
33 tons of carboard and paper and 13 tons of plastic

3 - Reduce the size of our packaging to limit the volumes transported by road and sea


  • Reorganize the arrangment of our products in our packaging
  • Ask to our users to finalize the assembly (a few minutes are enough!) of certains tools to reduce the volume transported
  • Remove or replace plastic boxes with transport bags on certain products

4 - Promote repairability I Seek to extend the life of our products


  • Upstream work by our product development teams to improve machine durability
  • Support users through our after-sales service to help them in their self-repair process
  • Provide instructional video tutorials 
  • Make spare parts available for a minimum of 10 YEARS



PEUGEOT OUTILLAGE is committed to preserving our planet.
With the help of distributors and consumers, we can work together to positively change our habits and take part in this collective challenge that concerns us all.




Eco-systemes is a service of ESR, a non-profit eco-organization, approved for the collection and recycling of used electrical and electronic household appliances.

Collection and recovery of waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE):

  • PEUGEOT OUTILLAGE is a member of ECO SYSTEMES, to which the volumes placed on the market of electrical tools are declared.

Unique identifier: FR001378_05IZEN
For more information:

SCRELEC aims to improve its collection rate based on the quantities collected compared to the quantities placed on the market by its members and to raise awareness among the general public of the need to return end-of-life batteries and accumulators to a specific sector.

Collection and processing of batteries and accumulators:

  • PEUGEOT OUTILLAGE is a member of SCRELEC, to which the marketing of accumulators is declared.
    More than 5 tons are treated in this way with a recovery rate of 65%.

Unique identifier: FR001378_06QVS
For more information:

Eco-Emballages was created in 1992, to reduce the impact of packaging on the environment.
Its role is to organize the national system for sorting and recycling.
Their missions are to sort better, recycle more and reduce household packaging.

Collection and processing of packaging:

  • PEUGEOT OUTILLAGE is a member of CITEO, to which the tonnages of packaging are declared
    (cardboard and plastic), put on the market every year.
  • CITEO ensures a recycling rate of 75%.

Unique ID Papers: FR211437_03VENT
Unique packaging identifier: FR211437_01QLGX
For more information:

Ecomaison was created in 2011, to give value to recycled materials by processing and storing them in France.
Their mission is to organise the collection, sorting, repair, reuse and recycling of all household objects and materials to give them a second life.

Unique identifier: ABJ FR211437_14MGUH
For more information:

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