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To consult the list of spare parts available for your Peugeot tool*, fill in below:

  • The 6-digit reference of your product,
  • The first 8 digits of the lot/serial number.

Peugeot's self-repairability policy testifies to the company's commitment to sustainability and customer satisfaction.
By facilitating access to spare parts and guaranteeing their long-term availability (10 YEARS minimum), Peugeot encourages a responsible approach to the use of power tools, while offering a practical solution for maintenance and repairs.
Peugeot facilitates self-repair by putting tutorials online to make this practice accessible to everyone.

These actions strengthen the confidence of Peugeot power tool owners in the brand and contribute to building a solid and lasting relationship between Peugeot and its customers.


WARNING Delivery is possible to certain countries only. See delivery terms here.

*provided only if this tool is or has been sold by our company


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If you do not have this information, or if no spare parts are offered to you...

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We guarantee the availability of spare parts for ten years.

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