VAS under warranty

One of Peugeot Outillage company values is customer service.
The After-Sales Service is an integral part of the range of services available to the user.

The warranty period for products marketed by Peugeot outillage varies according to the product family. (See the different warranty periods)


If your tols is still under warranty, and that you bought it in a physical shop

  • Request support from the store where the product was purchased.
  • Bring your machine.
  • Provide proof of purchase (receipt or invoice) mentioning the date of purchase.

If your tool is under warranty, and that you bought it on the web

  • You must refer to the procedure of this website.


The after-sales service remains at your disposal for any questions or additional information.

Contact VAS


For more information about after-sales service or our guarantees, you can consult our frequently asked questions at any time.

See our F.A.Q

If your machine is out of warranty, you can:



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